2018-2019  Harriet Graham and Joseph Holland

2017-2018  Andrew Dorrance and Heather Mutch

2016-2017  Shona Beattie and Sian McLaughlin

2015-2016  Joanna Barrie and Ellen Boomer

2014-2015  William N. Beech and Megan Claire Noble

2013-2014  Caroline Caddell and Callum Johnstone

2012-2013  Claire Dorrance and Rachel Nicholson

2011-2012  Fergus Barrie and Jessica Liddon

2010-2011  Duncan McNab and Allison Donaldson

2009-2010  Stefan Hanley and Alistair Inglis  

2008-2009  Lauren Flynn and Kirsty Liddon 

2007-2008  Paula Lockhart and John Allan

2006-2007  Adam Brooks and Joanna Graham

2005-2006  Allan Thomas Berry and Angus Moodie

2004-2005  Beth H. Marchant and Laura C. Smith

2003-2004  Jamie Graham and Erin M. McLaughlin

2002-2003  Ruth McNay and Andrew J.K. McClune

2001-2002  Claire Speedie and Fiona Stevenson

2000-2001  Stephen N. Armstrong and Gemma A. Ritchie

1999-2000  Deborah M. Allbrooke and Fiona E. Sewell

1998-1999  Fiona Drysdale and Alison Younger

1997-1998  Gavin Fleming and Helen Greig

1996-1997  Kerry A. Currie and David Thomson

1995-1996  Katrina Bogie and Lucy Gibson

1994-1995  Gareth McIntyre and Louise Wilson

1993-1994  Ricky Irving and Jennifer Coates

1992-1993  Kirsten Scott and Moira Weatherup

1991-1992  Colin Combe and John Wallace

1990-1991  Katharine Grant and Fiona Griffin