On Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021 at 2:03 p.m. EST, the Syracuse University community gathered virtually for the annual Pan Am Flight 103 Memorial Service. The service, hosted by the Dean and Chaplains of Hendricks Chapel, honored the 270 people, including 35 Syracuse University study abroad students, who were killed when Pan Am Flight 103 was destroyed by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland on that date and time 33 years ago. A recording of the service is available below.

An annual memorial service was also held by the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. at the Memorial Cairn at Arlington National Cemetery. Speakers for this event were Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Paul Abbate and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. The families were joined by current and alumni Remembrance and Lockerbie Scholars and members of the Syracuse University community. A recording and photographs of the Arlington National Cemetery service is available on the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. website at this link.

Remembrances for the 2021 Pan Am Flight 103 Memorial Service

The following remembrances were submitted by members of the Syracuse University and Lockerbie, Scotland communities, and family and friends of the victims of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing in advance of the 2021 annual memorial service hosted virtually by Hendricks Chapel on Dec. 21.

“Peace, my prayers continue to be with the families of our beloved, dearly departed SU alumni who we lost amidst this tragedy. May GOD Almighty continue to comfort their loved ones.” ~Shahid Allah ’86

“Everyone on campus knew someone on Pan Am Flight 103. It was a reminder that violence and terror hit closer to home than we ever dreamt possible. Until then it was something we would read about or watch on the news.” ~Ricardo Aponte-Parsi ’91

“Author of “Taking Flight” (Luath Press, Scotland, UK) a collection of poems that explores flight in all its aspects, and commemorates the Lockerbie disaster in the voices of those affected. I very much enjoyed taking part online and reading from this collection last year at the virtual memorial service.” ~Aileen Ballantyne

“I represented Nicholas Andreas Vrenios in 2011-2012 and remember him every year.” ~Kelly Baug ’12

“In memory of Cindy Smith, my friend and freshman year roommate.” ~Lauren Bier ’90

“I was a student the previous year traveling back at the same time of year from studying abroad, so this tragic event rocked me to my core.” ~Fawn Boone ’88

“I was a volunteer Mountain Rescue Team member who attended the Lockerbie incident and stayed onsite from the 22nd. The sights will stay with me for the rest of my life. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony in person in 2018. Thoughts are with everyone.” ~Chris Booth

“I attended the same program as these students in London in my junior year 1976-77. It is heartbreaking how their lives ended.” ~Deborah Murphy Cauley ’78

“I was on campus during that time and hearts were broken. Thank you for this service.” ~Verna Cavey G’88, G’92

“I remember them and Act Forward in their memory.” ~Kim Cirillo Wickham ’89

“Sandy (Frederick) Phillips, I still remember your silly old man impression.” ~Tina Connell ’89

“Remembering and cherishing the lives of Rick Monetti and his classmates today. The impact of Rick’s writings on a life well-lived will continue to inspire people for generations to come. Today, and always, we remember.” ~Sarah Crawford ’20

“Some of my closest friends from SU lost friends on the Lockerbie flight.” ~Rudy D’Alessandro ’85

“I spent many months working in New Zealand and traveling around the South Pacific. I was in a post office in Hawaii, mailing something back to a friend in Syracuse, when the post office clerk said, “Syracuse, N.Y., that’s where all the students were from.” That’s how I found out about Pan Am 103. It was so surreal to be in paradise and hear such terrible news. Later on I found some information from my time abroad in London with the program formerly known as DIPA. I had changed my plans to return to the States, but I realized that I was originally scheduled to be on Pan Am Flight 103, but three semesters earlier. The students, their friends and families and Syracuse will always be in my heart.” ~Ellen Dunkel ’88

“Prayers to the families and loved ones of those friends lost on Pan Am 103. We will always hold them in our hearts.” ~Cathryn Elliott ’89

“Jason & Eric Coker brought such joy and love into people’s lives.” ~Tara Farley Wyckoff

“Remembering our fraternity brother and friend Gary Colasanti.” ~Michael Farney ’90

“Remembering Colleen Brunner and Lynne Hartunian, SUNY Oswego ’89” ~M. Fitzgerald

“I had three majors and graduated in Education and was a teacher in Ontario, N.Y. and Rochester.” ~Judith Flanders ’66

“In memory of Amy Beth Gallagher who was on Pan Am Flight 103.” ~Betty Gallagher

“To all the bright spirits, from SU and the others on the flight that terrible day, know your light shines on and lives within so many, who will never forget you.” ~Cachelle Guadagnino ’89

“To be remembered is to never be forgotten. May the victims of Flight 103 be forever in our hearts.” ~Stacey Harrison

“My thoughts and prayers are always with all the victims of the Pan Am 103 Air Disaster, particularly Lynne Hartunian and Colleen Brunner.” ~Janette Hausler

“Amy Shapiro will always live in my heart. She was the most beautiful woman and light. She is greatly missed as are the other classmates, friends and family members we remember today.” ~Michele Hennessy ’89

“I spent fall of my junior year in the SU DIPA program in Strasbourg. Vastly my favorite semester. I flew back from Paris on  December 21, 1975; and I always get choked up, having such a feeling for the wonderful, wonderful semester from which these students were coming home.” ~David Louis Jensen ’77

“I am a member of Pan Am 103 and received this invitation because Christopher Jones, my husband’s son, was on the plane blown out of the sky in 1988.” ~Jean Jones

“Remembering our amazing & fun Fall ’88 semester in London – and holding tight the memories of our fabulous friends. xo” ~Lauren Jordahl ’89

“The Alumni Group of the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble of Syracuse University @ Hendricks Chapel remembers our beloved Syracuse University families. We uplift the family of Kesha Weedon, BCCE Member. Much Love, TAG-BCCE” ~Laurie Kingsberry ’82

“The memories of my days in London that year with those we lost will never be forgotten. They are a part of my soul.” ~Cheryl Lasse ’90

“Gary Colasanti – Rest easy my brother. Phi Alpha.” ~Andrew Lill ’90

“The evening at the Alumni Center when our students who had returned from London shared memories with the family members who’d lost their loved ones was the most moving moment in my life. I was so proud of the compassion and love our students exhibited.” ~Jane Lillestol

“I studied abroad through DIPA the semester before this tragic incident, and returned to campus so excited and thankful for such an inspirational and life-changing experience. It broadened my horizons on multiple levels and I became even more adventurous, not to mention more proficient in another language . Attending the memorial service with fellow S.U. family at the Carrier Dome brought some peace. One of the speakers shared something which has always resonated with me: We move on to the next chapter of life, but it does not mean we forget (paraphrasing). Whenever I meet young people today, I strongly encourage them to study abroad. I continue to pray for families of victims and fellow DIPA alumnae, and one day hope to travel to Lockerbie, Scotland. Thank you.” ~Melinda Mayers ’89

“Remembering Rick Monetti and the Syracuse 35, and acting forward in their memory. Make the most of everything, do it all while you can, because life is a one-time deal. There is no reason to hold anything back, in Rick’s words, as someone who loved his family, friends, Syracuse, a good journalism piece, and living to the fullest.” ~Madeline Merwin ’19

“Never Forget and Never Forgive” ~Jent Mitchell

“I am remembering this day as I have for the past 33 years. I lived in Lockerbie that day and every day since. I join you all today in remembering that another year has gone by but those who came to rest here are no further from my thoughts.” ~Gillian Moffat

“My mother studied abroad on that fateful semester in 1988, she lost three of her four roommates and many friends.” ~Connor Nelson

“My brother, Jerry Weston, was a brilliant engineer, devoted father, husband and family member. He was cut down in his prime. We will always cherish his memory.” ~Anne Plotkin

“Remembering my friends, the Coker brothers, who perished on Flight 103. Your memories are a blessing.” ~Joshua Pomerantz ’90

“May we remember to be beacons of light and hope in the darkness of our times.” ~Carissa Ralbovsky ’09

“Glad you continue to honor the lives and memories of my classmates.” ~Nancy Reilly ’90

“Over three decades later, I’m still remembering Kesha Weedon – the ray of sunshine that graced the soprano section of the Black Celestial Choral Ensemble when I served as Co-Director. May her family know that her kind and loving spirit is still remembered and cherished to this day.” ~Venida Rodman Jenkins ’88

“We miss you always Uncle Steve!” ~Aubrie Rudnick

“I was in London with them. This tragedy changed my life.” ~Elizabeth St. Hilaire ’90

“This tragedy has made such an strong impact in my life and we will never forget these 35 students. They will be in our memories forever.” ~Pamela Stern ’90

“Remembering my Daddy, Elia G Stratis, and honoring the lives of all those lost.” ~Sonia Tedeschi

“Always remembering Jason and Eric Coker and Gary Colasanti.” ~Michael Toole ’90

“My thoughts and prayers are with Suzanne Miazga’s family. She was my classmate and friend in the School of Social Work. I will always remember Suzanne.” ~Sharon Topp G’91

“Wishing peace to all who lost someone on this tragic day 33 years ago. I will never forget my dear friend, Steve Boland. His smile, his enthusiasm and his generosity live on forever.” ~Amy Tucker ’88

“Roses never fade. In memory of Cindy Smith.” ~Christine Velyvis

“Doug & Wendy, I still think about you two nearly every day. Couldn’t have asked for better best friends. Love and miss you!” ~Byron Wulf

“In memory of Nicole Boulanger. Always in my heart.” ~Cindy Warner

“I was with the London group in 1988 and lost many friends on Pan Am 103. Never forget!” ~Marcela Honigman ’89

“Jason Coker was my student in Russian Lit the semester before he went abroad. I received a Christmas card from him 4 days before he died in Pan Am 103. He said he “couldn’t wait to tell me about his visit to Russia” when he returned.” ~Patricia Burak ’96

“Miss you Nickie! Miss you cuz! Continue to watch over us. Love you.” ~Sean Kelley

“Joseph, loved to read. He also loved to revisit historically significant museums.” ~Nancy Curry

“33 years have passed. Never forgotten.” ~Aisha Scott-Hamilton