Seeking Truth and Justice Through the Power of Words: 2020-21 Remembrance Scholar Jewél Jackson

Jewél Jackson embraces every opportunity to gain hands-on experience and expand her writing portfolio as she prepares for a life of truth-telling as an investigative journalist. Jackson recently added an impressive accolade to her portfolio: she was named a 2020-21 Remembrance Scholar. “This is an important honor because these 35 students had lifelong goals that were similar to mine, but they didn’t get to make their goals a reality,” Jackson says. “As I was completing my application and reading documents and personal letters in the Pan Am 103 archives, I couldn’t help but get emotional. You realize this could have happened to anyone, and it gives you an appreciation of your own life, what you are able to accomplish, and what you want to be known as.  It showed me that the little things I do can have a great impact on someone else, and the importance of being patient, compassionate and understanding toward others.”

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