Lockerbie Scholars

Each year two students from Lockerbie, Scotland are selected to study in Syracuse for a year. This is one way in which Syracuse University strives to fulfill our promise. To our communities, these students represent the Lockerbie 11, and our commitment to Remembrance.

2015 – 2016 Lockerbie Scholars

Joanna Barrie


Ellen Boomer


2014 – 2015 Lockerbie Scholars

William Beech

Megan Noble

2013 – 2014 Lockerbie Scholars

Caroline Caddell

Caroline Caddell

Callum Johnstone

Callum Johnstone

2012 – 2013 Lockerbie Scholars

Claire Dorrance

Clair Dorrance

Rachel Nicholson

Rachel NIcholson

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