Lockerbie Scholars | Remembrance Scholars


About the Scholars Program

The Remembrance Scholars — 35 senior students who receive $5000 scholarships during their final year at the University, and the Lockerbie Scholars— 2 students from Lockerbie, Scotland who study at Syracuse for one year, are one way that Syracuse University strives to fulfill our promise. Through these scholarships, the University encourages our students to exchange ideas and to educate themselves and the entire campus community about the devastating effects of terrorism. These students are future leaders, and their recognition as Remembrance or Lockerbie Scholars reflect the close bonds that have formed between our two communities, as well as our strong desire to remember and to learn.

Mission of the Syracuse University Remembrance Scholars

To educate the campus community about terrorism by relating Syracuse University’s experience of Pan Am Flight 103 to more current events; and through education and service, to honor and remember all 270 lost in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, especially our 35 students by Looking Back and Acting Forward.