Recently, the Syracuse community participated in Remembrance Week- a week dedicated to remembering the lives lost in the Pan-Am 103 tragedy, with this year marking the 25th anniversary of the attack.  The Remembrance Scholars, a group of 35 selected Syracuse University students, were instrumental in helping to plan and orchestrate the week’s events, in their mission of acting forward on the victims’ behalf.  Clearly, this week was filled with high emotions; sometimes it can be difficult to say what it is we are feeling in these moments.  So, as is often the case in these situations, pictures were taken as a means of capturing and portraying the feelings inside all of us.

The Remembrance Scholars have compiled the following photo album of Remembrance Week, as a tool for remembering the week that was, and more importantly, the students that were.  As you will see, the range of pictures is wide- encompassing the ceremonies and events, the people and the places, and the emotional highs and lows of this past Remembrance Week.  The scholars hoped that by taking a breadth of pictures they could construct an outline of the week, allowing the observers to color it as they experienced it.  It is often said that a picture is worth one thousand words, and this photo album stands as proof of such.  The Remembrance Scholars hope that this album will help to share the memories and experiences of this Remembrance Week, honor the victims of the tragedy, and inspire action on the victims’ behalf.

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