Remembrance DoveEach year in October, Syracuse University observes Remembrance Week.  Events are designed by the Remembrance Scholars whose goal is to raise campus and community awareness of terrorism and to encourage the entire Syracuse University community to honor the 35 Syracuse students and all the victims of the Pan Am 103 bombing by becoming involved and working to positively impact others – Look Back and Act Forward!

As our campus and community looks back on a senseless tragedy, we find comfort and meaning in remembering the lives and passions of those who lost their lives on December 21st, 1988 and especially in acting – on their behalf – to make the communities we live in better.

Remembrance Week – October 25-31, 2015

Rose Laying Ceremony
Friday, October 30th
Place of Remembrance

Remembrance Convocation
Friday, October 30th
Hendricks Chapel

[More information on events will be available soon.]



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