Each Remembrance Sch. represents a Student on Pan Am 103


Victoria MilesTory Miles (Victoria) is from the small town of Millbury, MA. Tory is an Advertising major emphasizing in Account Planning and Media Planning. Syracuse University has allowed her to thrive far beyond the standard college degree. From being PR Captain of the Quidditch team to being a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, Tory has had experiences that will last a lifetime. The chance to be a Newhouse Ambassador, get to play in the concert band, be an intramural referee supervisor, be a member of The NewsHouse Advertising club, intern in London, and join Order of the Omega are just some of the opportunities and privileges attending Syracuse has provided. Tory values the importance of taking advantage of all that life has to offer. She believes that life is all about taking chances and putting oneself out there. She also inherently believes we, as people, are not that different. Each of us is valuable, and believes the world has to remember that a little better. Her mom, dad, and brother are her best friends and feels extremely blessed to have them. She also holds the Massachusetts record for Career Stolen Bases in softball.

Turhan was handsome, athletic, academically talented, and above all cheerful. Drive and accomplishment were his hallmarks. In his high school yearbook he selected this quote from Theodore Roosevelt, which aptly sums up his philosophy of life: “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that know not victory or defeat.” His parents describe him in a thumbnail sketch: “Actor, singer, dancer; accomplished athlete; fun loving, with a great sense on humor; filled with joy of life; fiercely devoted to his family and friends; comfortable with his world; ‘always on stage, forever turned on by life’; sharing it all with others. By age 12, Turhan was one of the top 25 ranked swimmers in the United States. He played a range of other sports, was the lead role in many dramatic productions, a member of the Glee Club and vocal ensembles, and associate editor for the school newspaper and staff of his high-school’s literary magazine. ‘Ergo'” Turhan was a junior at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. He left his parents, Dr. and Mrs. M.T. Ergin of Connecticut and four siblings.


Karolina Lubecka I am a dual major in Civil Engineering and Earth Science. Being a very outgoing and happy person, there is an ever-present smile that simply cannot be erased from my face. Having grown up in the little town of Blairston, New Jersey, my passions dwell in globe-trotting and spending as much time as I can outdoors, preferably lost in the mountains. I’m curious about everything the world has to offer and through personal experiences while studying abroad in Dublin have gained an appreciation for the phrase “carpe diem”. I take a million pictures everywhere I go because I figure that if I lose my memory someday, I’ll always have the photos to look back on. Others describe me as “goofy” and “off-beat”, and I’ve come to embrace my quirks and odd sense of humor. I care about the simple, little things that others may often overlook, and take the time to help others. In the future, I’d love to be a tour guide across Europe and live simply and humbly.

Nick Vrenios was a junior majoring in photography at Syracuse University. His dream was to be a professional photographer; his hero was Ansel Adams, the renowned nature photographer. Tim Slaughter, one of Nick’s London roommates, recalls how Nick would get up early, get out and try for “the perfect picture of the Queen or someone else.”Nick went to London with three prized possessions – a camera, a guitar and a skateboard. The skateboard made him “quite a sight” speeding along London streets. Nick always tried to do everything. A family friend described him as “very bright, very curious and one of those people that other people just gravitate to. He was very excited about the world. His parents describe him: “Nick possessed an enthusiasm for life. His eagerness and joy to experience everything and his love for travel led him to London to study for a semester. He loved people, photography, nature, laughter, skateboarding, poetry, swimming and playing the guitar. His favorite expression? ‘Go for it!'”


Casey FabrisCasey Fabris is a magazine journalism student in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. As a journalist, Casey connected to Pan Am Flight 103 through reporting. During her time at The Daily Orange, Syracuse University’s independent student newspaper, she found her connection to the students when she interviewed their family members. One of those families she spoke to was the family of Rick Monetti. Like Casey, Rick was a student in the Newhouse school considering a career in journalism. Rick was a huge sports fan. When he visited Syracuse, the first thing he wanted to see was the Carrier Dome. Casey felt the same way. She even slept outside the Carrier Dome for a front-row seat to a men’s basketball game once. But Rick’s commitment to sports was even stronger. In his journal, recovered from Lockerbie, he said “Read the sports section first, the news can wait till later.” Though Casey disagrees—she’s a former news editor—she feels a deep connection to the passion that Rick had for both sports and journalism. Casey had hopes of becoming a Remembrance Scholar since she first arrived at SU. She is honored to represent Rick Monetti, a young man who said: “There is no reason to hold anything back. Nothing to lose.”





Miho HatanakaWhen Miko Hatanaka 11 years old, her family moved to the United States from Japan. Coming to U.S. opened many doors for her. Miko is curious about learning new cultures and traditions, and has been attending United Nations Youth Assembly as a Japanese Delegate where she’s gained an opportunity to connect with youth around the world. At SU, she is currently a peer leader at Wellslink Leadership Program, Renee Crown Honors Scholar, and most importantly, a Remembrance Scholar. From these opportunities, she’s gained many skills to be a good role model, to achieve more, and become a responsible global citizen. ​

Miko is representing Pamela Elaine Herbert, a student from Bowdoin College who was taking a semester abroad in London through Syracuse University DIPA. During her lifetime, she was loved by her family and friends, honored by her colleagues, and inspired many people who she met. She was an intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful woman who was determined to achieve her goal to be a leader and do the best for her community. She is cherished and remembered by her families and friends as a kind, smart, and highly accomplished young woman.




Nikolay Rodionov I immigrated to the United States from Moscow with my mother in 1999. I grew up in and around the Houston area, and had the privilege of meeting great lifelong friends where ever I moved. I joined an early college program when I was in high school, and I was able to finish an Associate’s degree in biology by the end of my senior year. I never got the opportunity to travel while growing up and I wanted to experience something completely new after high school, so I came to Syracuse. The University has offered so many unique opportunities, that I doubt I would have grown so much anywhere else. Early in my collegiate career, I joined the joint B.S. Engineering & MBA program, where I am pursuing concentrations in finance and marketing. I have always been extremely impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit at SU, and I’ve had the privilege of working with several small student companies to help bring products to market. Several friends and I started a small biosensor company last year and were able to obtain seed funding through the university. I hope to continue growing the business after graduating SU and when in grad school.

I am representing Sandy Phillips who was from Little Rock, Arkansas and came back to SU’s School of Management when he was 27, after spending several years in the business world. His determination to fulfill his dreams inspired those around him, but it was his kind hearted optimism and courtesy made everyone admire him. He passionately pursued university politics in order to draw the university community closer together and help improve the quality of student life. He was elected to the Student Government Association by 1987, and he became the Vice President of Administrative Operations in early 1988. One of his dearest moments was when the organization formally recognized him for “his outstanding contributions to the undergraduate students of Syracuse University”. He dreamed about working with Donald Trump one day, and there is no doubt that his fiercely competitive, but kind and professional disposition would have carried him to the highest echelons of the business world. He loved a good laugh, and he grew close to his London flatmates while pulling a series of practical jokes on their professors in England. He was an avid poet and musician. In his own words, “wisdom come not from without but from a true understanding of the gifts you have to share,” and it is a tragedy that Sandy’s life was cut short before he was able to fully share his gifts with the world.



Bo Stewart Bo Alexander Stewart was born and raised in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. He is the son of John and Karen Bendel Stewart, an engineer and school nurse, respectively. Bo has two younger brothers, 18-year-old Ty and 15-year-old Trent. He is a 2011 graduate of Ligonier Valley High School and currently a senior at Syracuse University, majoring in economics, Spanish, policy studies, and political science. After his time at SU, Bo will attend law school and pursue a career in international law and/or public policy. In his free time, he enjoys running, skiing, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Scott Marsh Cory, of Old Lyme, Connecticut was a junior at Syracuse University’s School of Management. Scott enjoyed both playing and watching sports and was an avid Red Sox fan. He loved spending time with his family, friends, and two dogs. Scott is remembered for having a great sense of humor, being a high-achieving student, and living life to its fullest. Scott is survived by his parents, John and Doris, and his brothers, John and James. John and Doris have been active members of the Victims of Pan Am 103 group, successfully campaigning for the strengthening of airline safety regulations




Lauren StrandLauren Strand is a Finance and Sport Management double major from Branchburg, NJ. She is the daughter of Tom and Linda Strand, and sister to Stacey, Alex, and Sammy Strand. Lauren is the President of Order of Omega Greek Honor Society, Donations Committee Chair for the Sport Management Club Charity Auction, and a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in the finance industry, with a possible concentration in sports. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys running, Crossfit, traveling, skiing, and spending time with family and friends. Lauren first felt connected to Remembrance Week after seeing the chairs on the Quad during her freshman year; this connection was further solidified after studying abroad in London, England fall of her junior year and experiencing many of the same things that the victims experienced. Lauren is humbled and honored to be able to carry on the legacy of the 35 student and 235 other victims that were lost 26 years ago.

Eric Coker was a junior Economics major from Mendham, NJ. He was a student at the University of Rochester who was studying abroad in London through Syracuse University’s DIPA program along with his twin brother, Jason. On campus, Eric was a member of the Newman Club, the Meridian Club, and the Economics council organization. Upon receiving his undergraduate degree, Eric had planned to pursue a master’s degree in Economics. He was also an avid skier, often responsible for organizing university ski trips. Eric was known for his kindness and good humor. He will be remembered as playful, a joy to be around, extremely likeable, and very clever. He was very attentive and careful in everything that he did, from his studies to his relationships. He and Jason, who was also a victim on Pan Am 103, will continue to live on and be remembered through the photographs that Eric took of their time in London.



Anastasia Selby Anastasia Selby in an ex-firefighter and an English major. She returned to school to pursue her passion of creative writing and is currently working on a novel called “The Open Curtain,” about a young woman working as a firefighter who experiences the loss of her mother. Since returning to school, Anastasia has been the recipient of the Clements Internship Award, which she used to write the first draft of her novel, and the Crown Wise Award, which was used to complete the second draft. She has also been the recipient of the Joan Garfinkel Scholarship and has held a 3.9 GPA. She will be applying to MFA in creative writing programs this winter. Anastasia learned of The Remembrance Scholarship through her work with Literacy Corps and is honored to be representing Karen Lee Hunt, who was also passionate about writing. In her spare time Anastasia likes to lift weights, ride her bike, read, and watch films.

Karen Lee Hunt was a junior at Syracuse University majoring in English and minoring in Journalism. Karen was passionate about writing and hoped to be a magazine writer. She was known to be generous and kind, and had carefully selected gifts for her family and friends while abroad. One of those gifts, a teapot bought for her mother, survived the crash and is now her mother’s prized possession. Karen kept a journal and wrote poetry. She was a Phi Beta Phi sister and is remembered by friends and family as a “warm and caring person who embodied goodness.” An entry from her journal: “I wake to sleep and I take my waking slow I feel my fate In things I cannot fear I learn by going where I have to go–Theodore Roethke”



Kristin Weeks Kristin Weeks majors in Biology, Sociology, and Political Science. Her three senior capstones investigate environmental limitation of plant performance under varied nutrient treatments, experiences in sexual health discourse, and the political economy of international climate change regulation across the socioeconomic divisions of the global community. Kristin’s campus involvement reaches outside of her research to a four year leadership position on the Honors Program Student Advisory Board, a facilitation position as a Mentor in Violence Prevention for the Office of Health Promotion, a peer tutoring position for the Tutoring and Study Center, a student teacher position for an Honors Program freshman forum class, and five memberships to campus honors societies/fraternities. In the greater Syracuse community, Kristin volunteers weekly as a chef for the Ronald McDonald House. An advocate for international cooperation, Kristin, has taken two research positions abroad in Zambia and Scotland, as well as spent two semesters studying abroad in Italy and Australia. In her free time, Kristin enjoys cooking, running, competing in triathlons, and spending time with family and friends outdoors. After graduation Kristin plans to become a certified rape respondent and pursue an MSc/Masters in Global Governance and Health, and an MD/PhD in Infectious Disease.

Thomas Britton Schultz was a student at Ohio Wesley College where he double majored in History, and Politics and Government. Thomas had a curiosity that spread beyond the walls of the academic classroom to both a greater admiration for the academic learning process and grander appreciation for those that had come before him. In fact, he spent his time in Britain learning about and traversing the paths of social architects and political philosophers that he prized and studied. A hard worker, Thomas, overcame academic struggles, shyness, and the rugged outdoors to achieve excellence. Academically, Thomas’ excellence shown through his 3.8 GPA at Ohio Wesleyan. The duality of his community involvement and worldly engagement may best be illustrated through his position as manager of his Phi Delta Theta fraternity and through his employment in France, NYC, Maine and Texas. His work as a radio news writer, a respected camp leader, a sailing instructor, and a varsity track and cross-country athlete should offer ample proof that Thomas was a kind, brave, and outgoing person.



Brittany Beyer Brittany Beyer is a double major in History and International Relations, both with a European geographical concentration. She also has a minor in Political Science, and is a Coronat Scholar. Brittany is representing Mark Lawrence Tobin. Since her freshman year, Brittany has been able to get involved with a wide variety of activities and initiatives on campus, including being a peer educator with the Office of Health Promotion, Editor-in-Chief of the Chronos History Journal Editorial Board, a member of multiple honor societies, and Greek life. One of causes that Brittany is most passionate about is increasing the intellectual diversity of on-campus discourse. In an effort to provide a platform for this to occur, she is the co-founder and editor of an online forum, which encourages discussion and debate on a wide range of issues. Her involvement with these organizations has shown her how much change students are truly capable of affecting with their passion and dedication. Having the opportunity to enact change and awareness with her fellow Remembrance Scholars has been the highlight of Brittany’s academic career thus far.

Brittany represents Mark Lawrence Tobin who had decided the career path he wanted to follow long before he started his freshman year at Fordham University. Due to his lifelong love for sports, Mark aspired to be a television sports announcer. This dream helped to guide him in deciding which extracurricular activities to partake throughout his collegiate career. Not only did Mark love to watch sports, but he was an athlete as well; while growing up on Long Island in New York, he took up golf, swimming, tennis. Once he entered college, Mark developed interests in ice hockey, surfing, and skiing. In conjunction, Mark worked on Fordham University’s radio station and studied communications while spending a semester abroad in London through Syracuse’s program. While he was there, Mark discovered his passion for traveling, taking in new experiences and sights. Although Mark was an extraordinarily busy and involved student, he had “a knack for keeping many balls in the air, for doing many jobs well, but especially for enjoying life and giving joy” to all the people around him.