After graduating from Syracuse University in May 2012, former Remembrance Scholar Steve Barton embarked on an ambitious, cross-country bike tour with high school friend Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent. While stopped in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012, Steve’s trip was cut short when he attended a midnight screening of The Dark Knight, where a gunman opened fire into the audience.

Both Steve and Ethan survived the Aurora massacre and just recently completed their North American bike tour. Their story has been profiled in the Washington Post, which you can read here.

In the face of such tragedy, Steve and Ethan have begun fundraising for victims of the Aurora massacre who continue to require expensive medical treatment. All money raised will go directly to these victims to help fund their medical expenses.

You can make a donation to Ride for Aurora here >>

We are proud to see Steve face such tragedy with conviction and hope all can help support this worthy cause.