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When Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988, 270 people, including 35 students returning from Syracuse University's study abroad programs, were killed. The campus was devastated and then Chancellor Melvin Eggers declared, "some of our best and brightest" had been lost. In the aftermath of the Pan Am 103 bombing, Syracuse University, as an institution, promised that we would not forget our students. We vowed to hold their memories in our hearts in the best way we knew how - through learning and teaching so that tragedies like Pan Am 103 would not be repeated. As an institution of higher education, we examine the causes of terrorism. With the knowledge gained by this examination and research, we can work to prevent future terrorist acts.

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Photos from Remembrance Week 2013

Recently, the Syracuse community participated in Remembrance Week- a week dedicated to remembering the lives lost in the Pan-Am 103 tragedy, with this year marking […]
Nov 5, 2013 /
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Keeping the P(e)ace 5K Run/Walk

The Remembrance Scholars are hosting Keeping the P(e)ace, a 5K Run/Walk to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy and TUGG, Technology Underwriting Greater Good. […]
Apr 19, 2013 /
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Remembrance Scholar Project!

The Remembrance Scholars will be collecting small donations at the Orange After Dark Pancake Stress Buster on Sat, Dec. 8th, 10pm-1am. Donations collected will be used to purchase toys that will be brought to the Salvation […]
Dec 7, 2012 /

Don't Forget to Remember

Remembrance Week starts Monday October 22nd! Check out all the events happening throughout the week. Look Back, Act Forward. […]
Oct 18, 2012 /

CNY Central's coverage of time capsule

CNY Central coverage of the time capsule that was found in the original remembrance wall. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=2rESMxDde9s Read more about the wall, and the renovations, here: http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=808066 […]
Oct 13, 2012 /