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The Remembrance Scholarship is one of the highest awards a Syracuse University student can receive and is awarded to seniors chosen for distinguished scholarship, citizenship, and service to the community. The motto of the Remembrance Scholars is to “LOOK BACK and ACT FORWARD.” The Scholars’ mission is to educate the campus community about terrorism by relating Syracuse University’s Pam Am Flight 103 experience to more current events, and provide avenues to create a better community through service and positive actions. Through education and action, all 270 lost in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, especially our 35 students are remembered and honored.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a Remembrance Scholar. Being a part of this amazing group of people and learning about them and their experiences–and then working as a unit to represent something much larger than ourselves-will be one of the greatest memories and experiences of my life.  Remembrance Week was such a powerful experience, and words cannot express how lucky I am to have been a part of it.”   Scott Anthes, 2012-13 Remembrance Scholar

Application Process

Access the online application here.

You will be able to access the application here.  You have until January 23rd to submit a complete application with all the accompanying materials, including recommendations and transcripts. The application includes:

  1. Your personal and contact information
  2. Your biographical information and history (academic honors, other experiences, services, leadership, professional employment history)
  3. Three 500 word essay questions
  4. The names and contact information (emails) of two recommenders who will provide letters of recommendations for you.  One of these must be a faculty member, and one of these can be any individual who knows you in a professional or academic capacity.
  5. You will also need to upload a PDF copy of your advising transcripts.

For more details regarding the application process, see our FAQs here.

For more details regarding the timeline, see our timeline info sheet here.

You can see a preview of the application before beginning the online submission process.