"God is now enjoying the fine wine that is Kenneth John Bissett" - His Parents

December 19, 1967 – December 21, 1988

United States of America

Seat: 31J

Ken Bissett, 21 was a Cornell University Junior studying with Syracuse University's Department of International Programs Abroad. Ken was an only a child, and leaves his parents John and Florence Bissett of Hartsdale, New York. Ken was a bright, enthusiastic young man considered by his professors to be a good writer. He wanted to be "the next Stephen King" according to his friends and family. He loved writing. Ironically, he was concerned about terrorism and turned the subject into his advertising project on London. It won an award as the best work in the class.

Ken had been enrolled at Cornell in engineering but transferred to the communications program. He was leaning towards a career in advertising. He wrote for a campus publication, Cornell Countrymen. Two of his articles, one on the legalities of drinking on campus, the other on the history of the Empire apple, were recognized for detail reporting and for the artwork that he supplied for the articles. In London one of his photography projects was on display in a museum. At home, Ken's big hobby was music, especially jazz.

His parents write, "Kenny was a Christmas present and one that improved with age like fine wine. Each year his abilities and talents brought us more and more pride and joy, whether it was his grades, his writings or just being a wonderful person. God is now enjoying the fine wine that is Kenneth John Bissett, but God should have waited until 101, not 21."

Remembrance Scholars Representing Kenneth Bissett

Paola Louzado-Feliciano
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Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics
Garrett Lee
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Arts & Sciences, LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer ScienceMathematics, Environmental Engineering
Stephanie Kranz
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